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Is VR The Future of Film

When it comes to VR in Film, Movies and Streaming, this is becoming a very popular crave by users and developers. In today's world, VR has the ability of being used for more than one purpose. Within the film industry, they are developing new way's in which people can experience a movie. VR is becoming the new way of the film industry and will be a thing the general viewer will start to notice and experience. IS VR going to be the future of Film or Movies? is something you could be wondering. I do personally think that VR will be integrated into the film industry more once content creators and developers see how VR could make their Films stand out. It will take a lot of time before we start seeing this happen or being put into use.

PHYS say's that Virtual Reality will change the face of Cinema within the next decade, but only if the content keeps up to date with the advances within technology. VR is already used heavily and promoted by some of the biggest tech giants in the…

VR In Gaming Consoles & PC's

As I said in my pervious post, VR is very popular in the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to Video Games. With Virtual Reality on the rise, Game developers have noticed this and have started releasing VR related games and consoles. The main purpose for VR is for fun, wether it be from a game or from your phone. The different ways that VR can be used is incredible. VR is changing the way we as users view gaming, movies and phones. Gaming is still a very popular sport among kids, teenagers and young adults, and is becoming more worldwide, especially with all the new consoles being created and developed. There are many ways that VR can be used to game. You can use VR with PC, Playstation and Samsung.

When it comes to using VR on pc while gaming, you have to buy the games that will include VR and then the VR headsets. This can be costly, but the experience you get is unreal. It is also important that your pc has the power to run the software needed to experience VR. Depen…

What is Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality or for short VR is heard everywhere in todays society, but do we all really know what VR means? This is a question many of us have asked ourselves. Virtual Reality has been around for many years, but has only started to become very popular. The way I explain it is that Virtual Reality (VR) means being immersed into a game like feel and then being tracked in real time. Even though the visual is created via a program, the experience is something we all love. VR is about having fun overall, but this doesn't stop programmers using VR for good.

In technical terms VR according to Virtual Reality is very straight foward. They explain that Virtual Reality is a term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated environment that can be explored and interacted by a person. The person then becomes part of this virtual world or immersed in the environment, and can perform actions and minipulate objects while there. The user is getting the feel of being in a different …

How to get recognized as a Photographer !!!

Hey, Guys! Today I'm going to talk to yous about how you can get recognized as a Photographer! Let's Jump in!!

First thing I can say is that you need to define what type of photographer you are. When you define and are comfortable with what type of photography or photographer you are/do, then getting recognized will be easier. 
First of all what types of photography are out there?
There are many different types of photography from Commercial, Landscape, Abstract, Wildlife, Nature, Abandoned to Lifestyle photography. Getting into any of these categories is easy to say the lease. If you take pictures of fields, lakes, or even trees you would be considered a Landscape, Wildflie or Nature photographer. If you visit abandoned places or old places then you would be considered an abstract or abandoned photographer. A commercial photographer is more product related stuff, for example, food related images. 
Once you define what category you fit into, being recognized come's a lot easie…

Web Design

Web Design

From a young age, I always wondered at how websites were developed and designed. I knew that I wanted to explore that area as I grew older. In school, we didn’t really talk too much about Website development or creation. Looking back, it was a bummer, but it only made me want to explore this area so much more. The biggest fear I had was how do I know this is for me? Where would I study? Or What do I study? These were all big questions that I had, and I still have the fear in my mind, as the things we like now can change. I do believe that a career in Web Development and Design is what I truly want. After doing my research, I realized that I wanted to study Multimedia. I was so happy but I was scared. I did a year course in Multimedia, that past year, and I must say I have never felt so at home before in a course. It was the best course suited for me. I was allowed to be creative, spontaneous, and allowed to try out new things. This course really opened up my eyes, and I got …

My Photography - What i use to edit?

Hey Guys, and Welcome back to my blog!

Today I am going to be talking all about My Photography, what I use to capture my images, what I use to edit my photos, and where I publish my photos. My Photography 

Over the past few weeks I have been super busy with college and work. But this didn't stop me from capturing lovely moments. Even when I was walking home from college or sitting at my desktop doing up reports, if the moment felt right and the scene was beautiful to look at, I had to take a snap of it. I enjoy Photography probably more than talking to people. I enjoy the peace that comes with the adventure of looking for new things or places to snap. 

Photography for me is more than a hobby, it’s more a passion. Without my interest in Photography I would probably be lost in this world. Photography allows me to see new places and learn new skills and most importantly make new friends on this incredible journey. I take Nature and Landscape photography mainly. I love nature and the peac…

Film Production

Hey Guys, and Welcome back to my blog. 
Today i am going to talk about how i helped out at a local play and music show in my local town in Ireland. From College, i got a once and a life time opportunity to go and help with the filming of our local play and musical also run by the college. The aim of the show was to help promote a song the college has wrote. It was a clever idea indeed. The first half of the show consisted of music covers but the music students from college, and the second part was a drama that was preformed by creative students from college also. It was a great show i must say. I had a complete blast.

So, I and three other class friends went to the show to help out a local film production company, with the camera work. I was lucky enough to have been given the chance to be behind a camera, getting shots while live and zooming in and out. I really enjoyed what I was doing. I found this experience great. I was also shown how you talk to the camera men or women, and how to…